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Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart

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Productivity x2.

 Brandt’s dual-auger DXR-Series grain carts, available in 1150, 1500, and 2000-bushel sizes, deliver full capacity with any product, under any conditions; ensuring maximum productivity with minimum downtime. These top-performers are built to keep up with the rigorous demands of a fast-paced harvest.

Total Cleanout
Longer, narrower tank design includes near-vertical walls and no ledges or catch points, delivering fast, complete tank cleanout on every cycle.

Quick Turnaround
With a 20" drag auger and 22" vertical auger, DXR grain carts move up to 800 bu/min, so you’ll get back to your combines as quickly as possible, every time.

Accurate Load Management
Incorporates a five-point scale system to ensure that your trucks are consistently loaded at the correct weight while keeping accurate track of grain inventory.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart

Dual Auger Configuration

  • Belt-driven 20” floor auger and heavy-duty, 22” vertical auger unload at up to 800 bu/min.
  • Vertical auger has industry-leading range of motion in height adjustment with over 7 ft of travel.
  • Optional joystick-controlled spout enables rotation for precise front-to-back and in-and-out movement.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart

Digital Measurement Systems

  • Keep track of your harvest with multiple Digi-Star scale systems to fit your data management needs.
  • Autolog automatically starts capturing detailed data the minute you engage the tractor's PTO.
  • Auto Unload automatically stops when you hit a pre-set load to ensure you don’t overfill the truck.
  • GPS module records load/unload locations while moisture sensors monitor dry bushel weight.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart

Multiple Undercarriage Options

  • Available with standard tires, extreme flotation tires or Brandt's purpose-built track system.
  • Hydraulic steering allows you to leave unit in float position in the field to follow the tractor.
  • Manually control steering to maneuver unit in tight places or around sharp corners.
  • Brandt track system delivers the ultimate in flotation and reduced soil disturbance/compaction.
1522DXR Grain Cart
Sale Type
1500 bu
Unload Speed
800 bu/min
Vertical Auger Diameter

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart Joystick Controls
The optional joystick controls hydraulic functions like the 3-axis auger and flowgate.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart Frame Suspension
The rubber suspension between the frame and the tank reduces shock on the tractor and delivers a smooth, balanced ride in the field.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart Hangup-Free Tank
Steep, ledge-free tank walls with round cross-supports ensure that there are virtually no hang-up points to prevent grain flow.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart Auto-Rotating Spout
The discharge spout automatically rotates to a safe transport position for worry-free positioning on the go.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart Camera Monitor Kit
Add up to three cameras for rear view, discharge view or tank view.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart Auto-Unload System
Automatically closes the flow gate once you’ve hit a pre-set load weight to ensure that you don’t overfill the truck.

Brandt 1522DXR Grain Cart Powder-Coat Paint
Advanced metal protection system optimizes tank cleanout, rust protection, component life, and resale value.

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