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Brandt 2095

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Brandt’s 20-Series harvest grain belt conveyors are your best choice to move large quantities of grain, worry-free. Designed for a variety of applications with a 20” belt in a 14” tube, the 20-Series is designed to move your crop at over 12,000 bu/hr.

These top-performers are powered by Brandt’s innovative S-drive technology, delivering 270° of wrap for increased surface contact between the belting and the vulcanized drive roller. Brandt’s EZTRAK system utilizes a spring-loaded belt tensioner to eliminate slippage and a steel envelope to control the movement of the belt, preventing any damage to the unit. Each model features a unique folding hopper with gradual tapering and no flashing to ensure that every inch of the belt is exposed for maximum performance.

Models Available: 95', 110'
Sale Type
13' 3" - 47' 2"
95 ft
10000 - 12000 bu/hr

Spring-Loaded Belt Tensioners
A spring-loaded, slack-side tensioner ensures constant belt tension by compensating for uneven loading across the rollers and maintains even belt tracking on the drive roller under all load conditions.

Precision Rollers
Drive Rollers are machined to exact standards to eliminate run-out of the rollers against the rubber belting. This extends the life of the roller bearings and reduces maintenance.
Double Drive Roller Non-Slip S-drive
The belt drive path provides 270° of wrap between the belting and the vulcanized drive rollers increasing belt surface contact and eliminating slippage.

Vulcanized Drive Rollers
Two fully vulcanized drive drums deliver superior drive characteristics and prevent any damage to the belting.
Vulcanized Drive Rollers
Two fully vulcanized drive drums deliver superior drive characteristics and prevent any damage to the belting.

EZTRAK Tracking System
Brandt's patented EZTRAK system eliminates the need for continual monitoring of the belt tension. With a quick glance to the colored indicator, you can determine whether the belt needs more or less tension.
Synchronous Belt Drive
The drive system is quieter that competitors’ models during operation and has enhanced wear characteristics over a chain-drive system. The Brandt design delivers consistent belt speeds and eliminates downtime and maintenance costs associated with the roller chain such as lubrication, re-tensioning and excessive stretching causing chain failure.
Wide Intake Hopper Design
Brandt's unique hopper exposes all 15" of the belt (no flashings) which improves capacity. Gradual tapering of the hopper from the roller to the intake removes any negative effects associated with the flat belt intake designs.
Scissor Lift
20-Series harvest belt conveyors come standard with a heavy duty scissor-lift undercarriage for smooth operation and maximum reach into any bin or handling system.
Adjustable Axles
With belt conveyors of this length, transport can be difficult. The adjustable axles on the 20-Series allow you to transport the unit safely down the road and then re-adjust the axles for an extra-wide stance in the yard.
Discharge Hood
The adjustable discharge hood allows you to direct the grain into any size or shape of bin. Removing the discharge hood allows you to throw the grain back into corners or into long and/or narrow storage facilities.
Modular Construction
Critical wear points, such as the intake and discharge, feature modular construction and are easily replaced after extensive use.
Transfer Conveyor
Combine your 20” harvest belt conveyor with a 2021 transfer conveyor, with an 8” height low-profile hopper to easily fit under whatever you haul grain in. It is available with transfer mover and lift-arm kit attachments.
Upgrade the maneuverability of pull-type augers and conveyors with hydraulically controlled wheels. This allows the wheels to change direction independent of the movement of the auger, allowing for easy steering in tight spots or around sharp corners. This has the added benefit of enabling you to sway the auger spout left or right, making it easier to line up to the bin fill hole.
Available Attachments
  • Gas drive
  • Electric motor drive
  • Side-drive PTO kit
  • End-drive PTO kit
  • Hydraulic wet kit
  • 20-Series transfer conveyor
  • Hydraulic lift kit
  • Hydraulic swing mover kit
  • GrainDeck drive-over conveyor
  • Bunker kit
  • Pivot axle kit
  • Stainless steel adjustment rods
  • Plastic bucket spout
  • Auger Max bin sensor
  • Conveyor hopper cover
  • Safety chain

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