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White Planters 9500VER Series Flex-Frame Planters

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9500VER Series Flex-Frame Planters
Harness-free Frame Precision Ready Toolbar

Precision Planting Ready
The White Planters 9500VER Series feature a durable three-section flex and forward-fold frame ready for Precision Planting components. The forward-fold frame features central-fill seed distribution, 9000 Series planter row units, and hydraulic fold and lift systems. 9500VER toolbars are available as twenty-three row fifteen-inch, twenty-four row twenty-inch, and twenty-four row in twenty-two-inch row spacings.



9500VER Series Flex-Frame Planters
Sale Type
White Planters
Model Rows Spacing Transport Width Frame Size
9523VER 23 15" 200" 7" x 7"
9524VER-20 24 20" 195" 7" x 7"
9524VER-22 24 22" 188" 7" x 7"
options and attachments

Angled Rubber Press Wheels
Improve seed-to-soil contact in heavier soil and moderate notill conditions. Adjust wheels by offsetting them or changing width for improved performance at various seed depth and soil conditions. Adjustable down pressure: 50 to 133 lbs. (23 to 133 kg.)

Angled Cast-Iron Press Wheels
Great for closing the toughest seed trench. Recommended for tough no-till. Adjust wheels by offsetting or changing width for improved performance in high-residue and notill conditions. Adjustable down pressure: 115 to 310 lbs. (52 to 141 kg.)

Single V-Trench Press Wheel
Firms both sides of the seed trench in mellow soil conditions. Advantageous for shallow planting in tilled soil. The center of the seed trench is capped for a soft top. Adjustable down pressure: 50 to 133 lb. (23 to 133 kg.)

Disc Trash Master
Two 12-inch (305 mm) diameter solid discs clear a clean path in front of the seed openers, moving residue to the side to avoid hair pinning residue into the seed trench. Adjusts in 1/4-inch (6-mm) increments.

Combination Residue Manager/Blade
Finger wheels or SharkTooth® wheels clear seedbed of loose residue while blade works seedbed path. Simply pin the residue wheels up to use the tillage coulter alone.


Tillage Coulter
The coulter and the row unit both work off the same planter parallel links for a precise alignment and depth relationship. The constant alignment of the coulter and disc openers ensure that the seed is placed in a seed trench with no air space below the seed that could cause poor seed-to-soil contact and slow germination.





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